Tanglin Halt in its final days

Over the weekend, I joined a Fujifilm Singapore photowalk. The famous X-photographer Ivan Loh lead the expedition into the old but very respectable Tanglin Halt heartlands. You can see the group above, I am the second from the right.

Since the pandemic began, I haven’t been out to take any street photos at all! It has been so long that my camera settings were all reset back to default because I hadn’t touched them for almost 10 months. When I powered them up, I had to go back and try to remember how I had them set up… in fact, I had forgotten how to use them!

To be honest, I had no idea where Tanglin Halt was. My first thought was that it would be somewhere near Orchard Road… but it was in fact at Queensway/Commonwealth. I had never been here before, so it was quite sad to understand that the entire place would be torn down soon. Many of the stall owners selling food at the hawker centers and at the market did not seem to mind us taking photos of them, because they thought we were journaling the final days of Tanglin Halt. This was true of course.

The following photos were shot with an older Fujifilm X70 which I decided to use for it’s small compact form factor, light weight and leaf shutter.

It was a great outing – I really enjoyed the chance to be able to shoot and interact with other photogs. Ivan was his usual jolly self and I always enjoy his lessons. With the pandemic slowly coming under control in Singapore, hopefully I would be picking up my camera more often and posting more frequently in the future.

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