Review of SOOC JPEGs with the X70 at Dusk

I don’t get the chance to shoot while there is light outside very often because I am cooped up in an office all day long.

Recently I found a Fujifilm Simulation recipe that I really liked.

And this one was for the the X-Trans I processor but I supposed it would work for the X-Trans II processor in my X70.

  • Film simulation: Astia
  • Dynamic Range: DR200
  • WB Shift: +4 Red, -5 Blue
  • Highlights: +1
  • Shadows: +1
  • Color: -2
  • Noise reduction: -2
  • Sharpening: 0
  • Exposure compensation: typically between +1/3 and +2/3

So I decided to hop onto my bicycle and head out with my daughter.

The intention was to shoot only in JPEG with this new simulation recipe I had found.

I must say that I really liked the tones I was getting. It was a nice mix of green and reds, but muted blues. And the fact that it was going straight to JPEG meant that I was getting nice smooth tones.

I did a crazy thing. I cycled about with the X70 in my right hand so that I could shoot while I moved about. It worked like a charm as the camera was so compact and light.

In summary, I really enjoyed using the new recipe on my X70. Looks like this will be my default custom setting for quite a while!

10 thoughts on “Review of SOOC JPEGs with the X70 at Dusk

      1. Yeah… I started a new job a couple of months ago. My head’s not really with photography at the moment. Once I hit my stride at work, I’m sure I’ll be posting again 🙂

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